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The Orthopedic Clinic provides outpatient orthopedic and limited podiatry services for all Kenner Army Health Clinic beneficiaries over the age of two years old. Appointments in the Orthopedic Clinic are by referral only from a health care provider. The clinic is staffed by two orthopedic medicine board certified Physician’s Assistants. The Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant is specifically trained in musculoskeletal disease and trauma to include dislocations, sports injuries, fractures and overuse syndromes. Patients with a complicated or high risk condition will be evaluated, and appropriate arrangements will be made for the patient to get advanced care outside the clinic. The Orthopedic Clinic is also staffed by Orthopedic Casting Technicians and Army trained Health Care Specialists that provide ancillary support, casting and treatment under the supervision of the Physician’s Assistant.

To schedule an appointment to be seen at Kenner Army Health Clinic, please contact the Patient Appointment Line at 1-866-533-5242. 


Contact Information​​
Phone: (804) 734-9226
Hours: Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: 700 24th Street
Fort Lee, Va. 23801