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If you have questions for the local EFMP staff, please send to:
Kenner EFMP Organization Mail Box

Want to communicate with the EFMP team via email? Sign and submit this consent form:

Electronic Consent.pdfElectronic Consent.pdf

 Download the forms you'll need to register for EFMP:

EFMP Medical Enrollment.pdfEFMP Medical Enrollment.pdf
EFMP Overseas Family Screening Form.pdfEFMP Overseas Family Screening Form.pdf
EFMP School Enrollment Form.pdfEFMP School Enrollment Form.pdf
Instructions for Overseas Travel Clearance.docxInstructions for Overseas Travel Clearance.docx
Exceptional Family Member Identification List 5-20-15.docxExceptional Family Member Identification List 5-20-15.docx
EFMP Physical Form for Overseas Travel.docxEFMP Physical Form for Overseas Travel.docx


For more information, please visit the AMED EFMP Web site AMED EFMP

Contact Information​​
Phone: (804) 734-9130
Hours: Mon - Fri: 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Location: Room B 202, 700 24th Street
Fort Lee, Va. 23237