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 Department Listing, Location & Phone Directory

Active Duty ClinicKenner Main804-734-9057
Family Medicine ClinicKenner Main804-734-9993
Wilkerson Pediatric ClinicKenner Main804-734-9125
Exceptional Family Member ProgramKenner Main 2nd Floor804-734-9130
Colonel Bull Dental Clinic2601 C Avenue 804-734-9607
Troop Medical Clinic 1Kenner Main804-734-6093
Mosier Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic300 Central Avenue804-734-5448
Orthopedic ClinicKenner Main804-734-9226
Physical TherapyKenner Main804-734-9200
RadiologyKenner Main804-734-9118
PharmacyKenner Main804-734-9137
Army Wellness CenterMahone Avenue804-734-9925
Preventive Medicine ClinicKenner Main 2nd Floor804-734-9249
Industrial HygieneKenner Main 2nd Floor804-734-9846
OptometryKenner Main804-734-9253
LaboratoryKenner Main804-734-9101
Behavioral Health and Family Advocacy ProgramKenner Main804-734-9623
Patient AdvocateKenner Main804-734-9512
Public AffairsKenner Main804-734-9086
Contact Information​​
Phone: 804-734-9000
Location: 700 24th St.
Fort Lee, VA 23801