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Our History
Fort Lee celebrated its centennial in 2017 and Kenner Army Health Clinic is a proud part of that legacy starting with the Camp Lee Base Hospital in 1917.  Some of our key milestones are listed below.



Picture of Camp Lee Base Hospital, 1920

Camp Lee Base Hospital, 1920

World War I

June 1917: Camp Lee established; Base Hospital opens


Fall 1918: Worldwide influenza epidemic; over 14,000 cases on Camp Lee (687Soldiers die)


1921: Camp Lee closes

Picture of Camp Lee Station Hospital, 1945
Camp Lee Station Hospital, 1945
World War II
Oct 1940: War Department issues orders to rebuild Camp Lee
30 Mar 1941: Camp Lee Station Hospital opens (871 beds); expands to 2,000 beds in Oct 1942
7 Jun 1944: station hospital re-designated a Regional Hospital

Picture of Kenner Army Hospital, 1962

Kenner Army Hospital, 1962


Picture of Kenner Army Hospital, 1970

Kenner Army Hospital, 1970
Post-World War II
1947: hospital downsized; bed capacity reduced to 1,100
1950: hospital renamed U.S. Army Hospital Fort Lee; bed capacity reduced to 200
16 Apr 1962: new 100-bed hospital opens; named after MG Albert W. Kenner (expandable to 200 beds)
1976-1977: new outpatient wing added; full renovation of hospital
Jul 1995: BRAC targets hospital; Inpatient and ED close (1 Aug 96)
1 Oct, 1996: hospital re-designated Kenner Army Health Clinic