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News: Life, health, safety issues are top priorities for Fort Lee community


Life, health, safety issues are top priorities for Fort Lee community




Frenchi Watts Kemp, Army Community Service


The Fort Lee Army Family Action Plan program address top priorities for the Fort Lee community.


​FORT LEE, Va. (Nov. 16, 2017) -- Recommendations for an on-post urgent care facility and elementary school, as well as an enhanced survivor benefits program and a dual-military joint domicile grievance board, were top priorities for this fiscal year’s Army Family Action Plan program.

Two AFAP working groups – comprised of 25 community members – made these recommendations in late October.
A total of 44 issues were sifted through to identify quality-of-life concerns the groups thought should be made a priority for Fort Lee leaders to review and resolve in 2018.
The first working group – Family Support – worked through issues that ranged from addressing air quality in Fort Lee housing to deficiencies in male spouse inclusion in Army-wide activities and programs.
The second group – Readiness/Force Support – reviewed concerns related to costs of taxi cab services on post and discussed the suggestion for a retirees-only window at Kenner Army Health Clinic’s pharmacy.
Over the span of two days, each working group spent a total of seven hours each day discussing the issues in detail, with assistance from Fort Lee’s subject matter experts who were readily available to answer any questions related to the submissions.
After deliberating for several days, the group members voted on their top issues.
The Family Support Working Group voted for issue No. 2718 – No On-Post Urgent Care Facility – as its top issue. Second on its list was issue No. 4418 – Fort Lee Needs Schools on Post, and coming in third was issue No. 4218 – Update Neighborhood Playgrounds to be Handicap Accessible.
The Readiness/Force Support Working Group prioritized issue No. 0218 – Initial Survivor Benefits Meeting, as its top issue and followed it with issue No. 4018 – Dual Military Joint Domicile Requests, as its second most important issue.
Prioritized issues will be reviewed by the Fort Lee AFAP Commander’s Steering Committee in 2018. Local issues will be worked by the AFAP CSC and the garrison command team until they are considered resolved, unattainable and/or closed.
Issues that cannot be worked at a local level will be submitted for possible elevation to the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.
Issues that were not prioritized can be resubmitted in 2018 for next fiscal year’s AFAP cycle.
All issues can be tracked at
For more information about upcoming AFAP focus groups, working groups, the AFAP CSC, or how to submit an AFAP issue electronically, call the ACS AFAP office at (804) 734-7979.


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