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News: Kenner Connection: How to disenroll from EFMP


Kenner Connection: How to disenroll from EFMP




Julia Patsell, RN, EFMP Medical Director, KAHC


Understanding the process for disenrollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program.


​FORT LEE, Va. (Oct. 26, 2017) -- Over these last few months, Kenner has been publishing a series of articles to inform patients about the Exceptional Family Member Program and the specifics to the various components of EFMP. However, one of the most important questions the staff fields on a daily basis, is when is EFMP no longer necessary for the family members? The following information will review when and how the service member will be able to disenroll from the program.

The most common reason a dependent is disenrolled from EFMP is when the condition for which they were enrolled has resolved. This can occur when a child grows out of his or her asthma, when the patient completes their allergy shots, or when a child no longer needs speech therapy.
The second most common reason to process a family member for disenrollment is when the service member gets a divorce and the family member is no longer eligible for benefits through TRICARE. The family member who was enrolled only for educational purposes is, of course, eligible for disenrollment when they no longer have an individual educational plan or when they graduate. Sadly, occasionally, we even have to process packets for disenrollment due to death.
The process for disenrollment is fairly straight forward. The service member fills out either the DD FORM 2792 for medical disenrollment or the DD FORM 2792-1 for educational disenrollment. It is important to remember that no one is automatically disenrolled unless the proper paperwork has been filed. Service members have become upset because the EFMP office had not been notified they have divorced or that the enrolled family member has passed away. As a result of the laws associated with individual privacy rights, there is no way for Kenner to be notified unless the service member comes forward to notify this office of the change of status.
Another important fact to remember is the enrollment is valid for three years. If EFMP is expired, Human Resources Command will not be able to process requests for orders until EFMP is either renewed or disenrolled. So, it is important to disenroll when EFMP assistance is no longer needed or update prior to the expiration date.
Once the service member completes the DD FORM 2792 for the medical disenrollment or the DD FORM 2792-1 for the Educational Disenrollment they must supply the supporting documents. This can include a copy of the divorce decree, a copy of the custody agreement, a copy of the diploma or even a copy of the DEERS enrollment if applicable.
For questions about when a dependent is eligible for disenrollment or how to process the request, feel free to contact the EFMP office located on the second floor of Kenner Army Health Clinic or call at (804) 734-9130.


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